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I’ve got a new web page that I would love for you to check out! This page will continue to be updated and The Littlest Witch series will be added!



About me….

About Me
About 20 years ago, I slowly began a journey that I didn’t really anticipate would be such a huge part of my life; this was a journey into alternative therapies and divination. And this journey began to gently creep up on me through the years, until I finally took the plunge and decided to dive into the deep end if you will!

I began this journey with an interest in alternative and complementary therapies. I saw the value of more natural methods of managing symptoms, and even preventing them; particularly the power of touch and the success I saw with energy work. I sought out and took several Reiki courses, ultimately obtaining certification at the Master level. I spent many years teaching small classes and incorporating the practice into my work life. A few years ago I added Auriculotherapy for pain relief to my arsenal of skills- something that I have found to be tremendously effective. 
As an eclectic pagan, I had always been very interested in divination, and always so impressed with readings that I had gotten from others. For many years I took short, little courses here and there and read every book I could find to learn as much as I could about the different methods of divining. I started with cartomancy and pendulum use. Over the years I have added tarot, runes, scrying and remote viewing. I recently became certified in tarot through the Kera center where I am also completing a certification as an evidential medium in order to help others to connect with their loved ones. 
As I also love to teach others, I have authored several pagan children’s books centered around “Morgan, the Littlest Witch” to educate the youngest generation of little witchlings about the path.