Garlic & Onions in the Pantry

Miss Sha - Inexplicable Things

Garlic is so awesome!

It’s sacred to Hekate – and you see it a lot at crossroads! It is THE perfect protection herb. Carried on your person, it is said to protect from monsters, evil eye, storms, depression and magickal attack. In your home or business is protects from disease, ghosts, robbery, etc. It can keep away unwanted guests, while protecting the home!

The skins themselves can be used for gris gris. They are also burned in southern folk magick, much like onion skins. Burned indoors, they keep your money in your home. If you do choose to burn indoors, remember it is very harsh – like slamming a concrete door. So follow up with something gentle – a smudge, an incense, etc.


In Swamp Conjure, garlic is tucked safe and sound under the bed, evil eye will not be a problem! You can also make a ritual bath with…

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Yes/No Questions: Hard to Avoid!

All things metaphysical.

Any tarot reader will tell you that despite your best efforts to use tarot for guidance and to encourage only open-ended questions from your clients, people inevitably want to ask yes/no questions.

And who can blame them, really?

The truth is that we all want to know what’s going to happen. Despite our best efforts to live in the present and not to worry about the future, WE DO. I bet even Eckert Tolle (author of The Power of Now, who I adore) will occasionally lie awake some nights wondering how his next book will be received or how his next overseas tour will go.

If tarot readers are being honest, even they have probably used the cards to attempt to answer a yes/no question from time to time. I know I have. In fact, learning how to answer yes/no questions was one of the first things…

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What is Unattachment and Why Is it Important for our Health and Well-being?

Wellspring Health and Wellness


“Don’t hold on to someone who’s leaving, otherwise you won’t meet the one who’s coming”-Carl Jung

When we were young my husband and I fell deeply, madly, passionately in love with each other and simultaneously with a beautiful twenty acre piece of land nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. It was (and is) a magical place with a creek and open pasture, edged by huge big leaf maples and towering cedar trees. The views of the surrounding mountains were incredible. It felt wild and expansive and we rose to the challenge of filling every inch of it with beautiful dreams of a home and gardens and a family. We were visionaries of the most incredible life and this was the place we were going to sink our roots in and live our whole lives long.

The property wasn’t quite legally subdivided and so couldn’t officially be sold yet, but we…

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Law of Attraction Vision Boards , How to use Magick for better manifestation results !

Broomsticked The Life and Times of a Real Witch.

I will be making a video of this later this week , just in time for New Year’s Vision Board making.

One of the best things about making a vision board is its easy cheap and fun. I’ve actually seen life coaches charge like 30.00 a person for Vision Board making workshops, for some reason that annoys me to no end. If the hairstylists on Jerseylious can do it, trust me, you can.

But for free , no workshop charge even, I’m gonna teach you to make not just a vision board, but a witches vision board. Yours will rock my loves and it’s not even that much harder, you will need a few extra supplies and a little extra time, but the extra umph to your manifestations will be amazing!

1. Buy a poster board , how big is up to you, you could get like a big school…

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Coming Out

Being authentic

All things metaphysical.

untitled-designAt 36 years of age, I just began to live an authentic life. I am no longer afraid to risk rejection, humiliation, or scorn. I am not easily embarrassed. I do not fear what people think of me.

For the first 35 years of my life, I existed in two worlds simultaneously. The contrast was so glaring that I feared I would never be able to bring the two parts together and still be loved by my family or respected by my peers.

Part One: I am what mainstream society expects of me.

 I excel in school and begin taking college classes at 16. I marry and have my first child at 18, and finish college with my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at 21. I begin working at an exhibit company that focused on environmental and cultural sites of interest throughout the world. With the birth of my…

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Just Another Day?

Alea Dawn


Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.  ~ Marilyn Monroe

Its Saturday, the sun is shining, the temperature outside is sixty something degrees.  I have a plate full of things I need to do and yet I feel called to write an entry today.  A day in the life of a medium is what I originally planned to call this and I was going to write about how a day in the life of a medium was usually just another day like anyone else’s…..

But today, I woke up to a dream that urged me to wake up.  It wasn’t a dream filled with ghosts or spirits.  It was a dream that urged me to wake up  and handle a piece of business I had with a disgruntled student.  And so as i fumbled around at 5 am this morning afflicted…

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