Garlic & Onions in the Pantry

Miss Sha - Inexplicable Things

Garlic is so awesome!

It’s sacred to Hekate – and you see it a lot at crossroads! It is THE perfect protection herb. Carried on your person, it is said to protect from monsters, evil eye, storms, depression and magickal attack. In your home or business is protects from disease, ghosts, robbery, etc. It can keep away unwanted guests, while protecting the home!

The skins themselves can be used for gris gris. They are also burned in southern folk magick, much like onion skins. Burned indoors, they keep your money in your home. If you do choose to burn indoors, remember it is very harsh – like slamming a concrete door. So follow up with something gentle – a smudge, an incense, etc.


In Swamp Conjure, garlic is tucked safe and sound under the bed, evil eye will not be a problem! You can also make a ritual bath with…

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