Who has a SUPER MESSY room?? Morgan does!!!

The Adventures of Morgan: The Super Messy Room!
The Adventures of Morgan: The Super Messy Room!

Coming soon to Amazon Kindle ~ Story #4 of the Adventures of Morgan the Littlest Sorceress! Morgan just can’t seem to keep her bedroom clean! But one day she loses something very important… and she knows it has to be in this room somewhere! This story is due to be released November 7, 2015~ be on the lookout for it!


The Not So Dumb Supper ~ FREE for the next three days!!!

The Adventures of Morgan and the Not So Dumb Supper
The Adventures of Morgan and the Not So Dumb Supper

Grab your copy on Amazon for FREE for the next three days while it is being promoted!! Please leave a (hopefully kind) review afterwards!! Absolutely appreciate everyone who helps in making the Littlest Witch series more mainstream! Click on the link below to get your free copy!


The Not-So Dumb Supper! Just in time for Halloween!!

The Adventures of Morgan and the Not So Dumb Supper
The Adventures of Morgan and the Not So Dumb Supper

Just released on Amazon for Kindle today! The third short story in the Morgan the Littlest Witch series~ The Adventures of Morgan. In this story, follow along as Morgan discovers a part of her family tradition; a ritual that she has never heard of and quite frankly, doesn’t sound like it’s much fun at all!! Morgan will learn what a “dumb supper” is and why this is such an important thing for her family to do on Halloween!

The Magic Spell~ Discover the magic in the second book in this series!


The second book in the Morgan series is available on Amazon! The Adventures of Morgan – The Magic Spell!¬†Join Morgan, the littlest witch, as she learns how to make her first magic spell in school… except that Morgan can’t seem to pay attention when the teacher tells them all of the ingredients!

Stay tuned for the third book in the series~ Morgan and the Dumb Supper, coming out soon!!

The Adventures of Morgan- The Littlest Sorceress!

Welcome to the official website of The Adventures of Morgan children’s book series! The first book in the series is The Adventures of Morgan – The Littlest Sorceress: Morgan and Drago. We invite you to come on an adventure with Morgan, the littlest sorceress in her town, and her family kitty; Drago. Follow along as Morgan tries her hardest to be a “big witch” and get to the festival; and Drago tries just as hard to keep her home… where her mom told her to stay! Look for this title on Amazon.com today!